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As you get ready to tee it up in the new year, take a minute to hit the 'reset' button on your game.
Jack Dillon
author "High Fives"

Series: Already Golf

Published: Friday, February 20, 2015 | 5:32 p.m.

It’s a new calendar year and a new year on the professional golf tours.  With so much new again, why not take the opportunity to start your golf anew? It’s time to hit the reset button on your own game.

What are the areas you need to change, you need to improve?  What are the best parts of your game, and what are the areas that are good, but can be even better?

As you think about your new playing season, let me throw a few thoughts in your direction.  Ideas that may get you to think differently.  Ideas that just may help you acquire a better game.  Try one or try all.  As you prepare for your new season, think about this game you love and be mindful as you move forward and begin the execution process.

Here are 5 thoughts about resetting your game for a better season and a brighter future on the golf course:

  1. When you set the plan to work with your PGA/LPGA Golf Professional, consider having one or two early season sessions without a club in your hand.  How about scheduling these sessions to work through the mental part of the game?  Just you and the Professional away from the range, discussing your goals, abilities, with a plan of execution.  Without the club, and the stress of wanting to make good shots, you will listen as never before.  These may be the most productive golf lessons of your life.
  2. Play your home course from all of the different tee box positions.  Plan to use each set of tees throughout the season.  You will learn more about your course, love your course more, and even learn a few new shots.
  3. Schedule games with the best golfers at your club.  Have your PGA Professional set up the introductions with 5 or 6 of the lower handicap golfers.  Spending time with good players, picking their brains, is a proactive way to improve many areas of your game at the same time. Good habits and best practices will rub off.  Be sure to buy the beverages at the 19th hole.  It could become one of the best investments you ever make in your game.
  4. Play in some local tournaments.  Getting better means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  It is not about what position you finish.  It is about feeling the pressure of the competition.  Tiger is a great champion at 39 because he was already an experienced champion at 10.  Play in a few events, even if they are just for fun.  They will assist in helping your mental game.
  5. Never practice without goals.  Do not go to the range only to hit balls ad nauseam.  Have a plan building towards a better golf future.  How about keeping a journal?  Keep an “improvement log” that you constantly update and review.  With goals for every session, you will see improvement.  When you tie these in with lessons from your PGA or LPGA Professional, your new successes are reinforced.

So go ahead, hit that reset button for your game.  Take several steps back, review your game and your goals.  After that, take deliberate aim at your best scores yet!  Have a great year of golf!